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Loki naturals was designed to ensure nothing stands in the way of you and your pet getting outdoors.


CBD:CBN Full Spectrum Pet Tincture


Loki Naturals CBD Dog Teats


Live Free & Wild


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No Harmful Fillers

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Loki Approved

Welcome to my signature line of premium pet products. Using cutting edge technology, we produce premium CBD + CBN products that support your pets in their adventures and recovery. The undeniable bond between human and dog is one of the most important parts of life to us, and what we give them matters.

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From Our Customers

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"My dogs hips get very sore after morning runs, I can see the difference when he gets up in the morning after taking Loki Naturals

Julie Morris

"We have noticed our shepard tossing and turning less at night after starting using the oil.

Brian Kelly