Hey. I'm Loki.

I live in the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado. I’m a husky/arctic wolf/malamute mix – in other words, I’m a low content wolfdog. During a blizzard in December of 2012, my dad, Kelly Lund, took a long drive across the Rocky Mountains and brought me home – our first adventure.

Growing up in a family that took dog ownership very seriously, Kelly had his fair share of experiences with large dogs. But I (Loki) was different. Instead of me entering into Kelly’s world, Kelly felt that he had to listen closely and enter into my world. At that time, Kelly decided that he would do everything possible not to leave me behind at the house. We started backcountry snowboarding together when I was four months old, and before my third birthday, I had seen most of the western United States.

Starting out just for fun, Kelly started an Instagram account for Loki in 2013, documenting our escapades. Our story was later picked up by numerous websites, giving us unexpected exposure. We developed a huge following across social media. With 2 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, people grew to love our adventures. Realizing that we now have a voice in the social media community, we developed a mission to inspire others to get out, explore the world, and make memories with their pups.

 Loki The Wolfdog