Our Story

Our mission has always been to inspire people around the world to take their dog with them, no matter what, no matter where. We hope to serve as a reminder that their entire lives may just be a season of ours, but we know the memories made together are evergreen. It will always be our goal to leave a few more paw prints out in the world today than yesterday.

Kelly Lund is a professional dog dad, photographer, and avid outdoorsman. His trusty companion is 6 year old, Loki, an Instagram sensation. Loki is a husky/artic wolf/malamute mix who rings in at about 75lbs of fluff and silliness. Together, Kelly and Loki have explored most of the country and Canada by truck. Riding shotgun is Kelly’s girlfriend, Ally, and her dog, Bailey. The foursome seek to inspire dog owners all over the world to never leave their dog behind and share every memory possible together.